Health Coach

Health Coaches have always coached their clients through lifestyle changes related to weight management and wellness. A Health Coach will guide you to make weight-related behavioral changes through goal-setting, education, motivation, programming, support, appropriate progressions, and referral when necessary.
We are health promoters, health educators, and an active partner in unlocking your potential to maximize your own healthy lifestyle choices. Grounded in the science of lifestyle and weight management, compassion, superior communication skills, rapport-building know-how, ability to elicit motivation and the capability to increase capacity to change by fostering positivity, resilience and self-efficacy.
As Coaches, we use a combination of motivational interviews, education and support, in order to encourage people to talk about potential problems and ways to resolve them. Consider your health coach a motivational partner, someone who is just as committed to your wellness goals as you are and will provide you with all of the tools you need to achieve them.
What Health Coaches do and how can that be beneficial:
1. Perform health and wellbeing assessments
2. Provide education about nutrition and exercise
3. Stress management – one of the major contributing factors for unlocking health problems
4. Offer ongoing support and feedback
5. Focus on your whole being
6. Establish a connection
7. Set SMART Goals
8. Help overcome barriers
9. Become self-reliant
10. Retrain the way you think
11. Make it a lifestyle
12. Helping to people interested in losing weight, tone up, weight management and control
13. Helping with behavioral outcome changes and habits through different techniques and methods
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