Kristiyan Chuburov

My name is Kristiyan Chuburov, 28 years old. I am an Advanced Health and Exercise Specialist, Personal Trainer, Health Coach, Weight-Management Specialist, Sports-Conditioning Specialist and Physicaltherapist.

I am highly motivated person with a strong desire to help people reach their goal and improve their life, by managing to pull the best of them even when they are desperate or have lack of faith. I understand that most people see gyms and workouts as boring and exhausting. My goal is to make your time not only in but also outside the gym enjoyable and overcome any obstacles on your way with various interesting and exciting exercises and techniques. Having fun and being active at the same time is what I believe the key for adherence and success. If we also add the right nutritional strategies by using the appropriate tools necessary for making these behavioral outcomes change, you will gain confidence, knowledge and ability to become a better version of yourself, shape your body and live healthier and happier life. This will improve your mood, energy levels, sleep, stress, physical appearance and overall health. Together we can achieve what yesterday seemed impossible. Many people have already changed their lives with me, sustaining that change to nowadays.


Early Stages

My passion dates back when I was very little. At that moment, I showed interest in sports and started with athletics first. As years passed by, I have went through many sports including athletics, swimming, gymnastics, martials arts, bodybuilding and general fitness. It was these golden times when experimenting was my day life. I made my first steps in nutrition, dieting, training strategies thus my curiosity fired up and still hasn’t ended until today to keep educating and perfecting.


Education and Career

By starting my education as Kinesitherapist, I gained the knowledge and confidence to begin working with clients. As graduating and achieving a Bachelor Degree in Kinesitherapy, my first opportunity to show my skills and abilities became real when I started working in a gym as a trainer. At the same time, I have decided to start competing in bodybuilding in order to gain deep knowledge about human body physiology, nutrition and exercise biomechanics, so I could provide the best services to my clients. A better opportunity came across me being the head physiotherapist of a professional football club, which was a great chance to learn more about sports-conditioning, sports rehabilitation and pick up some training techniques. My passion is related to the growing worldwide concern with the population affected by the disease obesity. Soon after finishing with the football club I gained my certificates in Level 4 Personal Trainer, Certified Health Coach, Weight-Management Specialist and Sports-Conditioning Specialist. Along with my career development, education and work, I have helped many people in achieving their goals related to their desires, and most importantly sustaining these changes to nowadays. I work along with clients together, because their goal is my goal. Nothing makes me happier than seeing a person I have helped living happy and joyful life.

The only time you should ever look back is

to see how far you’ve come

My Experience

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